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How it works...

1. Do the on-line application.

2. Send in or scan basic info for decision.

(please refer to the email you'll have received from us)  

 There are no setting up or money transfer fees to worry about.

The credit is advanced in denominations of 100.

Provides a regulated fixed rate unsecured loan facility within an approved credit limit.


Repay early - no problem.

Take the loan out and repay at next pay day or request to leave the balance outstanding and

pay monthly at 20 per or 100 borrowed (over a 10 month period).

An approved credit limit to take future further loans subject to assessment (cancellable by us or by you at any time).

Interest is charged daily at 0.8% on the amount advanced, up to a maximum amount

never exceeding the amount advanced.

You may settle the loan at any time by requesting a settlement quotation. Interest charged is time dependent.

Use the online monthly update form.


There is no penalty for early repayment.

The agreement is regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

The facility is not designed for longer term borrowing.


A very simple way of raising short term finance - here's how

Step 1 Apply Online
Step 2 Wait for email reply or phone 02380 585011
Step 3 Supply information as requested then wait approval

Step 4

Cash in your account


If this is the first time you've tried this system, you'll find it a refreshing change from a normal loan.


Electronic transfer using BACS - transfer times - weekdays typically within 2 hours.



More information on the Faster Payments system click the link below




Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.

For help, go to www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk