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Our loans are for short term borrowing - NOT payday loans.


Southampton Cheque Exchange

54A, Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2FW

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.

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Transparency and fair treatment of borrowers principles

A short term loan is not suitable for sustained borrowing over a long period and can be expensive relative to

other forms of credit. We do not target borrowers who may be vulnerable by virtue of their current or past

indebtedness, age, health or disability or any other reason.

Financial implications

The representative %APR is 1221.50%. This is based on drawing down 85 or 100

and repaying 30 days later (see t's and c's for method of calculation).

The APR will be considerably higher if (a) the period from draw down to repayment on the next pay day is shorter

than one month; (b) repayment is made after making one or a series of monthly fees after the first pay date and

up to month 5; (c) repayment is made in part or in full; (d) the account falls into default and charges are added;

(e) change of payment date; (f) the account is subject to rollover, arrangement, or repayment plan.

You may compare our APR and loan type by searching online with a Pay Day loan price comparison site.

New advances from Jan 2nd 2015 - Implications of non payment and default - a cap of 15 applies.

Collection practices will mean trying to resolve a default using a simple reminder to instructing court action.

A default will impact on your credit score as non payment is recorded at the credit reference agencies.